Color Finale® 2
Professional Color Grading for Final Cut Pro
Color Finale®
Transcoder 2
RAW media application for macOS
LUT Manager
A new solution to manage and preview LUTs for most video and photo apps on the Mac
LUT Packs
Explore perfect tones for your videos and photos
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Color Finale® 2 is a powerful plugin that adds fully-featured, professional color grading tools to Final Cut Pro
Color tools for high-end post-production
Simplicity, Color Expertise, Experience - combined
Get Color Finale® 2
For Final Cut Pro
The easiest color grading plugin to get started with.
Architected for vloggers, videographers, Editors and Colorists, Color Finale® 2 has been designed to be really simple to use while containing a complete professional color toolset familiar to professional Colorists.
The fastest color grading software for Final Cut Pro.
A simple interface, efficient workflow, real-time processing, and semi-automated functionality make color grading on Color Finale® 2 incredibly fast.
The most complete color grading toolset.
Color grading and advanced image processing, all in one package, and all on your Final Cut Pro timeline.
Designed by color grading experts.
Our background and expertise is built on 20+ years of experience building high-end color correction systems, engaging with the world’s top Colorists, and working on a films.
Learn more about the features in tutorials
New features at a glance
Open Reference Guide
Color Finale® 2 Easy Reference Guide
Color Finale® 2 Training Course
Watch the promo for the long-awaited course on Color Finale 2. Over 40 video lessons that provide a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. Learn the tools of color correction and grading — including using masks and tracking.
Color Finale® 2.5 New Features
This video is a short demo of v2.5 features: new Log Wheels and Camera Matrix layers, controls to apply filters to individual RGB and HSL channels in the Filter layer, handy shortcut to add S-Curve points to RGB Curves, and more.
Color Finale® 2.0 Demo
This video provides an overview of key new features in V2.0: shape masks for selective color grading, shape mask area tracker, image analysis (including false color) tools, detail enhancement / Sharpness tool, and HDR support.
Getting Started
This video provides an overview of color correction tools, including color profiles (video, log, ACES, LUTs), white balance (Temperature & Tint controls), film grain emulation, and the detail enhancement / Sharpness tool.
LUT Management
This video provides an overview of Color Finale® 2’s LUT management system: including finding and organising LUTs, setting up white balance in order to use a LUT, combining LUTs, and creating / exporting LUTs.
White Balance Tool
This video shows how to use the automated (AUTO), semi-automated (PICK & Xrite chart), and manual (TEMP & TINT) tools in Color Finale® 2 to correct white balance.
You Can Trust Our Experience
Our clients include top tier media corporations
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Experience Grading in a Whole New Way
Fully-featured professional color grading toolset on your Final Cut Pro timeline
Get Color Finale® 2
For Final Cut Pro
Fine-tuned color toolset with streamlined UI for faster grading workflow compared to Final Cut Pro standard color tools
Keep your project in Final Cut Pro for all your high-end color grading needs - no round tripping required
Image Quality
Avoid color management or image compression degradation issues between editing and grading systems
New image processing and image analysis tools included - no need to purchase additional plugins
What Customers are Saying
Don't take our word, see the testimonials
Harry Baruch
Video Editor at Time Warner Cable Media
I’ve been using Color Finale® for about 2-3 days now and can't get over how fantastic the application is! I have tons of plug-ins I use for FCPX and I must say this is the smoothest advanced color application I have yet to use.
Winfried Halberstadt
Online Media at
Very nice plugin... It's a huge time saver to have all these correction tools in one place and the possibility of stacking several [layers] within one instance of Color Finale®.
Chris Hocking
LateNite Films
Wow, Amazing ! You’ve done some incredible work there – very impressed ! I wish we had this a few months ago when we graded a TV series in FCPX! One of our biggest FCPX frustrations is the lack of mask tracking for color grading, so this will be a massive help
Arthur Ditner
Freelance Colorist & Writer, Red Shark News
It doesn't matter if you're a Pro wanting to skip the round-trip, or if you're a new filmmaker wanting to up your game - Color Finale® 2 is an excellent choice for a video finishing tool. Featuring color-managed workflows, a nice film grain, Tangent Devices integration, object tracking, and a full suite of secondaries - it's well worth the price of admission
Riccardo Fasoli
Cinematographer, Kreativ
I am using Color Finale® since the beginning and I love the workflow of the color grading with it. Now Color Finale® 2 is the perfect solution with a lot of improvement and features that made the workflow much better and faster. I love the new inspector that helps me to control faster all the basic settings of the color correction, and finally a great sharpner that Final Cut Pro was missing! Now the color grading has only one name in Final Cut Pro: Color Finale® 2!
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License Manager
Manage your license keys and active devices
On how many computers can I run the Color Finale® 2 plugin?
One license of Color Finale® 2 can activate two computers. A license can be transferred to different machines up to 3 times. Contact support for help with transferring licenses.
How does the free trial work?
Our 7 day trial is 100% free and runs the latest, full featured version of Color Finale® 2 Pro. One trial per computer only. Email support if you need an extension.
I've lost my activation code. I need an older version of the plugin. What do I do?
Visit our online License Manager and use your registered email address to get access to your account.
I need an invoice for my purchase.
Visit our online License Manager. A link to invoices is at the bottom of the page.
What are the minimum system requirements?
The current version of Color Finale 2.x is 2.8. It is built with Apple's modern FxPlug4 API and runs on both Intel and Apple silicon Macs with Final Cut Pro 10.7.x.*

- Apple Mac with an Intel CPU or Apple silicon
- macOS 13 Ventura - macOS 14 Sonoma
- Final Cut Pro 10.7.x
- Internet connection for software activation and periodic online checking

* Contact support for assistance on how to use Color Finale 2.x with earlier versions of macOS/FCP.
Where can I get previous versions of Color Finale 2.x?
For users running older versions of Final Cut Pro, you can find Color Finale 2.x legacy versions here.

Color Finale 1.x no longer works with the latest Final Cut Pro.

As support for the FxPlug3 API has been removed, Color Finale 1.x is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Final Cut Pro. Please consider upgrading to Color Finale 2.x or continue using the older version of Final Cut Pro until you are ready to upgrade.
Will Color Finale® 2 work with Intel / Apple silicon / M1 / M2?
Yes, Color Finale 2.6.x has been fully adapted to work with both Intel and Apple silicon CPUs. It runs natively on both platforms, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. Additionally, Color Finale 2.6.x is future-proof and designed to support upcoming versions of Final Cut Pro.
What’s included with a purchase of Color Finale 2 Pro?
Perpetual license for the plugin as well as 80 presets, built-in LUTs, and one year of free updates. Extend your support period here.
I purchased Color Finale 2 before 1st September 2023, how much support do I get?
The annual update program started 1st of January, 2024. All apps and plugins purchased before 1st of September 2023 are automatically getting 3 months of free updates — until 1st of March 2024. Extend additional years of support & updates here.
What happens after the free support and update period expires?
At any point you will be able to purchase additional years of support and updates, which will be added on to your existing time period. Once this expires, you will no longer receive email support and software updates. Extend your support period here.

We ensure that you always have access to the most recent version of the software available before your update period expired. This version can be downloaded at any time from our Online License Manager, allowing you to continue using your purchased software indefinitely.