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Annual Software Support Program
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Add 1 Year Updates & Support
Color Finale 2 Standard - $29.00
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Color Finale 2 Pro - $45.00
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The past few years have been challenging for Final Cut Plugin developers. The introduction of Apple silicon-based Macs and the migration to the new FxPlug4 SDK have been significant drains on our development resources. With a small team, most of our efforts have been devoted to maintaining our existing products to ensure a smooth user experience, amidst the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We deeply value our users and are passionate about developing innovative products and technologies. However, the new realities necessitate some adjustments to achieve our goals. The business model commonly used by large corporations in the industry no longer fits small operations like ours, where all our revenue comes solely from software sales. Essentially, we've been building a model where a smaller group of new users supports a larger, active user base.

We've tried to absorb as many software support expenses as we could afford, but continuing in this manner could become unsustainable. Therefore, starting from the 1st of January 2024, we will be offering annual software support as a paid option. Each initial purchase will include one year of comprehensive maintenance, feature updates, and email support. The software and updates you receive while on active support are yours to keep indefinitely. Once the initial support period concludes, you can purchase an additional year of support and updates at a fraction of the original purchase price. This change will significantly assist us in maintaining our existing software's quality and investing in new developments.

We hope you find this proposal fair and acceptable. It is our commitment to continue serving users who appreciate and rely on the software we've crafted for you.

Color Finale Team