Made for Apple silicon, FxPlug 4
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Get the most out of your LUT collection.
Release Notes  |  Our 7-day trial is fully featured and Apple silicon native
Create work that really stands out
Manage, preview and apply LUTs to get stunning looks for your photos and videos
LUT Manager is designed for filmmakers, video editors, colorists, photographers, YouTubers and vloggers to provide an easy and visual way to organise, browse and preview LUT libraries on Mac computers.
Introducing LUT Manager
LUT Manager as a plugin for Final Cut Pro
LUT Packs
Get LUTs
Professionally built LUT collections
Real-time preview of thousands of LUTs
GPU accelerated with Metal 2 for real-time previews of your entire LUT collection applied to your reference image. Choose and compare up to 4 different LUTs at the same time.
Add images directly from your Mac or import photos and videos from the Photos app to LUT Manager. Open a movie and select a frame to use as reference for your LUT selection. Instantly share the picture with the applied style with your clients, colleagues, and friends.
Simple sharing
Once the most appropriate LUT for the image is found and applied, it can be exported to the desktop or shared with just one click.
Use as a plugin inside Final Cut Pro
Apply LUT Manager as an effect over your timeline or individual clips and get instant visual access to your entire LUT collection, right from the inspector.
Integrations with popular applications
Get instant access to LUTs stored in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and DaVinci Resolve with no additional plugins required. Manage and preview all of them in LUT Manager, then send your selections back to the application storage and use native LUT loaders included in the editing software.
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License Manager
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What are the minimum system requirements?
- Apple Mac with Intel or Apple silicon CPU
- macOS 10.15 Catalina - macOS 13 Ventura
- Graphics card with Metal 2 support
- Internet connection for software activation and periodic online checking
Are there any built-in LUTs that come with LUT Manager?
Yes! LUT Manager comes with a set of LUTs so that you can instantly get started with applying looks to your projects
How many computers can I run LUT Manager on?
A license for LUT Manager activates up to two computers.
How do I set up integration with my video editing application?
You can enable access to a video editor's LUTs folder in LUT Manager's preferences window.
Is this a plugin or a standalone app?
LUT Manager is a standalone app for macOS. We have also recently released an update that also turns LUT Manager into a plugin for Final Cut Pro.
What’s included with a purchase of LUT Manager?
Perpetual license for the app, and one year of free updates. Extend your support period here.
I purchased LUT Manager before 1st September 2023, how much support do I get?
The annual update program started 1st of January, 2024. All apps and plugins purchased before 1st of September 2023 are automatically getting 3 months of free updates — until 1st of March 2024. Extend additional years of support & updates here.
What happens after the free support and update period expires?
At any point you will be able to purchase additional years of support and updates, which will be added on to your existing time period. Once this expires, you will no longer receive email support and software updates. Extend your support period here.

We ensure that you always have access to the most recent version of the software available before your update period expired. This version can be downloaded at any time from our Online License Manager, allowing you to continue using your purchased software indefinitely.