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Affiliate Program
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new affiliate program for 2021. Join now and be the first to get new releases, contribute to the future of post production and earn revenue at the same time.
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Join the Affiliate Program and start earning today
Who is this program for?
If you are a filmmaker, video editor, colorist, cinematographer, photographer, Youtuber or Vlogger, looking at collaborative new ways to ramp up your social influence, create unique content and engage with your audience whilst making a profit, then this is for you!
What products are promoted?
We have created a range of products that are included in the affiliate program. These are constantly refined and updated, plus we're always working on new products and ideas!

logoColor Finale® 2

Color Finale® 2 has been designed to be really simple to use, yet it contains a complete professional color tool set familiar to professional Colorists. Read more

logoColor Finale® LUTs

This application is designed for filmmakers, video editors, colorists, photographers, Youtubers and Vloggers to provide an easy and visual way to organise, browse and preview LUT libraries on Mac computers. Read more

logoColor Finale® Connect

The only solution designed for remote color grading collaboration in the Final Cut Pro environment. Color Finale® Connect lets you effortlessly and securely broadcast a color grading session over a network. Read more

logoColor Finale® Transcoder

The FCP workflow extension for importing RAW camera media directly into Final Cut Pro. It gives you an instant preview of your ingested video plus a full range of camera setting adjustments within the import interface. Read more
What can I do?

As part of our effort to reach the global market, we are working with partners around the world to increase brand awareness. We are actively looking for new partners to grow your and our company's success.

Here are a few details of the collaboration we propose:

Social Media promotion: If you are a blogger, you might be interested in drawing your audience's attention to Color Finale® products on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

Partner website: If you are distributing your own or third-party vendors' products, you might be interested in adding Color Finale® products to your marketplace.

Partner email marketing: If you have your own end-user mailing list, you might be interested in promoting Color Finale® products.

Partner offers: If you have suggestions regarding effective ways to promote Color Finale® products, we will be happy to discuss them.

What do I get?
Earn Revenue
Get the opportunity to earn thousands of USD by promoting Color Finale® products on your market resources, depending on the commission rates:
Standard: 20%
Up to 5 mentions a month in your videos + the website/affiliate link in the description.
Modified: 25%
From 5 to 10 mentions a month in your videos + the website/affiliate link in the description.
Extended: 30%
More than 10 mentions a month in your videos + the website/affiliate link in the description.
Flat fee: Varied
Paid once a month for a full review of new products and updates. Discussed individually.
Increase Influence
Populate your media content reviewing Color Finale® products and drive more visitors to your market source. Grow your views and revenue.
Drive industry
Be one of the first to contribute to the professional filmmaking community to help people grow their projects and make them outstanding.
- Fully featured, fully functioning Not For Resale licenses of Color Finale® products are provided for free, including all future updates.
- An affiliate program provides you with Standard and Modified rate commissions for each licence sold on your marketing channels.
- Access to beta releases. You will be the first to get access to early versions of Color Finale® products.
Join Now
Join the Affiliate Program and start earning today