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Affiliate Program
Are you a content creator focused on cinematography, video editing, or color grading? Whether you are just starting out or already have a large following, earn extra income by promoting our color grading and post-production software to your audience.
What’s Included?

A huge 20% of sales made through a SendOwl affiliate link that can be put in video descriptions, social media pages, websites or mailing lists — any highly-visible place.

Your choice of products to try. Keep them forever once you are invested in the program.

Our Products
We have created a range of products that are included in the affiliate program. These are constantly refined and updated, plus we're always working on new products and ideas!

logoColor Finale® 2

Color Finale® is the de facto color grading plugin for Final Cut Pro. Known for its high quality and ease of use, it offers an extensive and powerful grading toolset that transforms Final Cut Pro into a complete color grading system. Learn more

logoLUT Manager

A standalone macOS app designed for easy browsing, organization, and previewing of thousands of LUTs on your computer and attached drives. Works with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and many others. Learn more

logoColor Finale® Transcoder

Instantly preview, adjust, and import Blackmagic RAW, ARRIRAW, and CinemaDNG into Final Cut Pro with this workflow extension. Get full control of raw adjustments and metadata import without leaving a familiar interface. Learn more
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