Color Finale™
by Color Trix Ltd
About Us

In almost every case the development team behind a low-cost software plugin won’t be as experienced or as capable as the team behind the corresponding high-end systems. Color Trix, the company behind ColorFinale, is one of the exceptions.

The Color Trix development team contains individuals who:

  • Hold PhDs in various disciplines
  • Have operated as a VFX artist on various high-end TV and film projects
  • Have worked at FilmLight as a software engineer developing Color Management (Truelight) and Color Correction (Baselight) tools, during the period FilmLight was awarded 4x Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Science and Technology Awards
  • Developed, in partnership with Pinewood Studios, a high-performance digital dailies system used on feature films “Avengers”, “Thor”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy”
  • Have operated as a Digital Intermediate Supervisor for over a dozen feature films Read more...
  • Developed multiple plugins for non-linear editing (NLE) systems e.g. LUT Utility, Color Finale™, and Cinema Grade

The commercial team contains individuals who:

  • Have sold software color grading systems since the technology’s inception with SACC (Stand Alone Color Corrector) which ultimately became Autodesk’s Lustre system Read more...
  • Were part of the commercial team that established FilmLight’s Baselight as the dominant high-end software color grading system up to 2010
  • Were members of the commercial team that helped FilmLight win 4x Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Science and Technology Awards in 2010 for Baselight (color grading), Northlight (film scanning), and Truelight (color management) Read more...
  • Delivered the initial EMEA commercial sales of the first uncompressed NLE video system (Quantel Editbox) and the first uncompressed multi-layer video compositing systems (Quantel Henry/HAL) Read more...
  • Were members of the commercial team at Discreet Logic that built the EMEA dealer channel for the pioneering film compositing system Flame Read more...
  • Were part of the commercial team that built RED Digital Cinema’s EMEA dealer network for ultra-high-resolution digital film cameras

Products from Color Trix are designed by individuals who understand the pressures of working in a television or film post-production environment. This is specifically why we provide leading edge professional tools which are simple and quick to use, so that you get the results you want to the quality level you need, quickly!