Road to Apple Silicon

We are very excited about the arrival of new Macs with the M1 chip, aka Apple Silicon. We've been busy rewriting the Color Finale™ to conform to the new Final Cut Pro API and to Apple Silicon for quite some time now. We are very pleased with the results and performance we are getting from the new architecture so far. However, the task of moving a mature code base to completely new hardware requires multiple pieces of the puzzle to fall exactly in the right place — some of those pieces created by us and some licensed from other companies. At this point we are still missing some important components which will only become available to us in December 2020.

We anticipate that we'll finish the transition of Color Finale to Apple Silicon in early 2021. We'll be posting demos and progress updates to this page as we go along. Please contact us with questions regarding the transition to Apple Silicon at with the subject "Apple Silicon Transition".

Color Finale Team